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Our Furniture Brands

A sampling of the Furniture brands we carry at Billmyer.  Click the links to each brand and give us a call or stop in.  We are almost always lower in price and our service will exceed your expectations. 

                                               Best Home Furnishings

In 1962, two men turned their chair expertise into a yet unknown empire. In a small rented building the two covered all aspects of the business for quite some time. Over 55 years later, Best Chairs has surpassed all expectations becoming Best Home Furnishings, a name adopted to further describe the entire product line. Family owned and operated, our facilities cover over 1,100,000 square feet in five locations with nearly 1,000 employees and is growing to become one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world.The company's success story began with a very simple theme: make the best quality product at the most affordable price. While the Best Home Furnishings of today no longer resembles the Best Chairs of yesterday, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to quality and the total satisfaction of our customers. Best's product selection has grown to hundreds of different styles all available in over a thousand diverse cover selections made to order in days, not weeks. Learn about the five pillars of success that make Best Home Furnishings truly, one of the best. WE ARE BEST HOME FURNISHINGS.

                                                  Wolfcraft Furniture

Wolfcraft Furniture has its roots in the mid-1900’s when three brothers were born into a farming family of sixteen children. Arnold, Patrick, and Randal Wolf (born 1947, 1956 and 1957) acquired practical skills and moral ethics in this large family atmosphere, creating a strong foundation for Wolfcraft.After completing high school, the brothers left the family farm and parted ways. Arnold founded and maintained his own farm for ten years. Patrick joined the Marines and served in the Third Marine Air Wing. Meanwhile, Randal attended UW-Eau Claire and received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

Versatile and functional, this vintage inspired line offers everything from metal trays and wire wall baskets to bookends and wooden storage boxes. These simple finishing touches add charm and character so that you will love the space you are in.

Howard Miller understands the need to create products that are steeped in quality and value. He expected nothing less than the best. And it was only under those strict conditions that he allowed his name to grace products manufactured at our sprawling facility in Zeeland, Michigan.

Our Product line "Katy Creek" is one of the most complete and best valued in the industry.

At our Mayfield, KY facility we stock over 500 styles of lamps and shades in 40,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and offices.  


Occasional furniture collections in wood and mixed media. 

Our furniture brands are recognized through out the industry and with consumers throughout the country due to their long history for quality, styling and innovation.